Isn't refinishing just a temporary solution? Will your paint last?

Our product is not paint, but a polymerized acrylic urethane, a very durable coating. It is heat resistant up to 425 degrees and when fully-cured, holds up to nearly all household cleaners except hydrogen peroxide. The product life ranges from 15 to 20 years, depending upon the manner in which you care for it.

Will I need to move out of my house while the job is being done?

Most jobs are completed in less than five hours, so the inconvenience is minimal. However, no one should be in the residence or work area for four hours after the completion of the job. Also, due to possible complications, pregnant women and people with respiratory or cardiovascular problems should not return to the residence within 24 hours of the completion of the job.

How do l clean and care for the refinished appliance?

The refinished surface needs to cure for 24 hours before use. For the first two weeks after refinishing, the appliance should be treated very gently and cleaned only with mild soap and water. Never use abrasive cleaners because they will remove the protective coating from the finish and diminish the life of the item. Also avoid any products containing hydrogen peroxide as it will discolor the refinished surface. To increase the life of your finish, treat it as you would a fine piece of wood by polishing it with lemon oil.

What are the advantages to refinishing rather than replacing an old or damaged bathtub?

Cost is the primary advantage of refinishing rather than replacement. Replacing a tub will take considerably more time and will likely require removal of the surrounding walls, dramatically increasing the cost.

Should you, the refinisher, be the first contractor in the residence?

Generally, no. We usually are the last contractor in the residence. The only exception is wallpaper hangers. The chemicals we use can discolor the ink in wallpaper. Plumbing, including all fixtures and drains, should be installed and working properly with no leaks. Tile should be installed, grouted and sealed, except around the bathtub. The refinisher will not caulk or silcon around the tub or replace shower doors as the coating requires 24 hours to cure. The homeowner or general contractor will be responsible for these finishing touches.

What kind of guarantee can I expect?

In most cases, our work is guaranteed for five years. However, certain conditions may cause the warranty to vary. Any guarantee is also dependent upon the homeowner or customer following all maintenance recommendations after the completion of the job.

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